Create new > table copy... suffix template

le_plop posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
I regularly use create new table copy functionality to create quick backups of small tables, and I usually use the naming convention 'tablename_%Y%m%d_%H%i' (eg 'authors_20140211_1405') or some variant thereof.

Just thought it would be nice if - rather than replacing the default ({tablename}_copy) suffix every time - one could customise the default suffix in a preferences dialog box, allowing for standard MySQL DATE_FORMAT() formatting options (although PHP or other formatting options would be fine too).

Not sure how much work that would be, but would certainly come in handy for me! happy

Thanks either way.
le_plop posted 4 years ago
So, in preferences settings it would be as follows...

Table copy suffix: [_copy]

...or customised...

Table copy suffix: [_%Y%m%d_%H%i]

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