Max display row increase don't ungray Next button

dodfr posted 4 years ago in General

Doing a lot of "next" button, when 100.000 row limit is reached the "Next" nutton is grayed and an errror message display that you must go into prefs to increase the value.

If you do it then the "Next" button stay grayed and you must select an other table to ungrau "Next" button and go back to previous table.

HeidSQL 64Bits

ansgar posted 4 years ago
But this happens only in a case where you set a "step" value which is greater than the row number of your table, right? Rare case.
dodfr posted 4 years ago
Nope, I do it for example on a 2.500.000 records table and press next (no too fast to avoid the freeze problem but it may also freeze on "fecth rows..." if I slow down to 1 click per second) until it reach the 100.000 row limit then go to prefs, click OK and Next button still gray.

The view show me an increase of 1.000 per step so it is far smaller than the row number left in the table.

I reproduce it simply using the "data" tab view.

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