Modify table on multiple sessions at once

roblambell posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
The ability to save changes to a table/database on multiple sessions (to database of the same name) at once would be fantastic.

For example, amending/adding columns and having the option to Save changes and also "Save to Server: .."

jfalch posted 4 years ago
each change that you make to a table structure is always "saved to server" when you click "save". (where else could it be saved?)
roblambell posted 4 years ago
It could be saved to another session with a database and table of the same name.

I was referencing the language used in the "Output:" field of the "Export database as SQL" dialog.

One possible implementation would be in the style of a split button, then listing the "Server: " options as shown in the referenced dialog.

This would save time when needing to quickly make a change to multiple versions of a database.
roblambell posted 4 years ago
This type of button is used for example in the bottom left of the Session manager dialog.

There may certainly be a more intuitive way of making this type of functionality available, or something I have overlooked.

I'm imagining the Save button component to work with the main button as the existing Save function, whilst the drop down element allowing the changes to be Saved to the current table structure and be applied to another that is selected.

This would only allow the changes to be applied to one other session.

This same result could be achieved too if for example the queries in the query log could be executed on another session from the context menu.

The way I do this currently involves finding the database in the other session and making the same change through the editor or running the query there too. With many databases listed I find myself running multiple instances of HeidiSQL, one for each session, but it is simple repetition.
jfalch posted 4 years ago
so, you do not primarily want to save to another session, but want to replicate changes in a databases table structure to another database (possibly on another host) which has a similar table ? if so, I suggest you open a feature request about this.

NB: the queries in the query log cannot currently be re-executed by context menu alone. but it is possible to copy them to a new query tab via a context menu entry, and then execute them from there after changing the session.
roblambell posted 4 years ago
That's right. Thanks, I've created an Enhancement issue


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