Add a "Save As" button to Views

jlig posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
When there is no easy way to clone or duplicate a View?
- Solution would be to add a "Save As" button to Views
- That way I could make quick changes to the SQL and quickly "Save As" a new version of the View..

As it is, you have to copy & paste.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
There is a "Create" > "Table copy" menu item, but I never thought about copying other types than a table. Copy + paste is not the badest solution, but theat does not only apply to views, but also for procedures, triggers and events.
jlig posted 4 years ago
What happens to me quite often is that I open up a View, try a few what-if's in SQL, and then can't get back to the original because you're forced to Save your changes in order to run it..

The "Save As" option makes the most sense so not to upset the original View..
alfiqmiq posted 4 years ago
Because MySQL stores the views converted to its own format, I think a better solution is to write a SQL query in a separate file which is more readable for further modification.

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