Remember queries between sessions (?RFC)

TimR posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
Hi all,

I'm familiar with the EMS Browser/MyManager product and one of the nicest features it has is the automatic saving of a queries between sessions.

I can't find an equivelent in Heidi to save the 'Query' tab(s) contents between sessions (except for saving to file and then manually loading it next session).

Could such a feature be implemented in Heidi?
Apologies if it's already there, I'm a new user and I haven't spotted it!

ansgar posted 4 years ago
You can use the "Query history" on the right panel of a query tab. All queries are saved automatically, even with the time they needed to execute, and the date/time when you fired them. SQL queries need to be smaller than 1MB to get into the query history.

You can also turn off this feature, in Tools > Preferences > Logging.
TimR posted 4 years ago
Very nice, thanks :-)
nickbe posted 12 months ago

I think the history is too simple right now. If you click on an entry the text is added to the current window without adding a new query.

I'm also used to the EMS Tool and one of the best things is that it completely remembers and reopens all queries per database when re opening the database connection.

It would be much better to be able to see the entries right on selecting them and then being able to re-execute them on demand. (Maybe also per database connection)

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