can't 's' key in column name

polarislee posted 3 years ago in General
i can't 's' key in column name field.

so i use copy and paste from notepad or another text fields..~

polarislee posted 3 years ago
It's latest version.

and it's same at some previous version too.

ansgar posted 3 years ago
You can't use "s" in column names or how do you mean? What's happening when you type "s" ?
polarislee posted 3 years ago
when i typed 's' then [Search(S)] menu button is enable~~
ansgar posted 3 years ago
The menu is normally triggered with its shortcuts combined with the Alt key. Typing a "s" alone should trigger nothing. But I recall there was another user having the same problem. If I recall right it turned out to be a problem with an external global shortcut tool he was running.
ejunghyun posted 3 years ago
this version does not work too.
what i need to solve a problem is hot key "S" for global search. "S" key without ALT allowed to function almost every time.
sungjunlee posted 3 years ago
I found that it occurrs when application language is configured as Korean.
When I changed this property to English, this problem has gone away.

In Korean translation, there appears additional text "(S)" belongs with "검색"(which means Search) in the menu bar which has not appeared in English version.
I think this is the cause of this issue.
polarislee posted 3 years ago
Thank you~~

When i changed this to English, this is fixed~~

jakejeon1985 posted 3 years ago
having same issue, how could i change to English..

I can't stand with this issue.

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