Reformat SQL - additional linebreaks

mc-murphy83 posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
I use the reformating option quite frequently when modifying existing views in my database.
It already helps a lot to gain an overview which tables are involved in the joins, as MySQL and MariaDB store the parsed statement without any formating (as it is not needed for the query itself).
However no line breaks are inserted into the field list, which leaves the work of adding breaks to see all the fields (or scroll horizontally which does not help the overview).

There was a request to add linebreaks after each field, this was discarded as it may reduce overview as well in large queries.

Would it be possible to do it in a "smart" way? eg wrap after a given number of characters is present on one line, or even better according to the current width available in the editor?

Thanks already now for a very handy tool which helps me greatly getting my work done every day.
Plasm posted 4 years ago
I like the way Heidi wraps now, so I vote for an option (perhaps hidden in a mouse-over popup-menu or context-menu of the button), if it´s going to be changed.

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