How to event a full backup

notuo posted 3 years ago in Running SQL scripts
Hi all.

I am newbie here. My host doesn't allow me to use the php system function in order to perform a full backup using mysqldump (I like to use cron as well to perform a daily backup). They referred me here and I am not seeing the way to full backup.

I finally open the event tab but I am really lost in how to enter the commands to do this backup. (The timing part of that is no problem, just the MySQL commands)

Any advise is appreciated,

Best regards
jfalch posted 3 years ago
cf this
kalvaro posted 3 years ago
You don't need to type commands. Just go to "Tools/ Export database as SQL". But HeidiSQL is mainly a GUI tool; it isn't designed for unattended or automated tasks like backup scheduling.

I'm probably missing context but mysqldump is a standalone tool and a regular MySQL client. As such:

1. You don't need PHP to run it
2. You can run it from any other computer as long as you have access to the database

P.S. Next time you need hosting you already know what to check ;-)

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