Export only selected columns

andilist posted 4 years ago in Feature discussion
some years ago i added a feature request to only export selected cells (rows, columns). This was not possible because of the used table component.

Since then, there are some other request to only copy/export selected cells.

I have another idea:
would it be possible to extend the export dialog with a column list to select the columns?

Use case:
i often look into tables/query results and identify some "interesting" rows. These rows contains foreign keys of other tables. It would be nice to have a possibility to export/copy these foreign keys.
With the new export dialog, i could select the rows, click export, and select only the column with the foreign key.
I can use the setting "delimited text", "Row end ','" and export directly to the clipboard.

After that i can write a new query and paste everything in an "in" experssion:

select * from table in (<paste export here>)


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