FK Dropdown Recursively Follow FKs for Dropdown Hints

ClarenceL posted 3 years ago in General
I have a schema where simplified I have tables:

app (app_id, app_name)

Then I have stores

store (store_id, app_id, store_name VARCHAR)
with PK composite key (store_id, app_id)
and FK app_id -> app(app_id)

Then I have a third table

task (task_id, store_id, app_id, task_type VARCHAR KEY)
with PK = task_id
and FK (store_id, app_id) -> store (store_id, app_id)


Now when I'm in the task table and try to edit app_id it will follow the FK relationship to the store table and give me the first text field store_name.

But in this case I have a defined single field FK relationship to the app table, maybe in this case we could recursively follow this FK relationship too and give me the actual app_names?

It'd be nice if the dropdown showed the store_name as well, so something like store_name -> app_name. This would signify to me that it's pointing to a valid key on the store table but also which application it is.

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