How to export PK, FK and indexes?

balexandre posted 3 years ago in General
newbie here, but I have searched in the forum and found nothing regarding it.

First of all, EXCELLENT tool, I use it every single day nowdays (mySQL and MS SQL ), Big thanks to the developer(s)!


I'm trying to use the Table Tools to export MS SQL tables from the production database to the staging database. It works fine for tables, columns and data, but I'm missing all PK, FK and indexes...

where can I include such definitions?
ansgar posted 3 years ago
I admit the export tool does not everything so well for mssql as for mysql yet. So for sure keys exporting is a missing feature in HeidiSQL. But i'm also having massive problems in finding the right queries for getting keys details compatible to all mssql versions including 2k and later ones. Probably you can help out here?

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