Shared filter across tables with identical column names

jamesni posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion
Hi happy

Column filter is a great feature and I use it a lot.

Often, I jump around several tables with columns with the same name. And I have to enter multiple times to filter the data on the same column. A common example is a primary key in table A as foreign key in table B.

So I suggest to make filters shared across tables with the same column name. It's better to let the users decide which filter to be shared as we know what can be applied to multiple tables. And even we would make mistake sharing the wrong filter with column name not exist in the table, an error alert would just be enough.

Apologies for my poor English.
Thank you for making such a great tool.

Great, is HeidiSQL! happy

Dr. Dave posted 3 years ago
Apologies for poor English? Your post was very legible. No need to apologize.

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