Can you introduce some jobs of Delphi in Germany?

pizza111 posted 3 years ago in General
Hi, ansgar

I want to find a job of Delphi in Germany, but there is so little in internet. Can you introduce a job of Delphi in your company or some sites to find a job? Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
HeidiSQL is a private OpenSource project with me as the single developer. There is no company behind HeidiSQL.

Also, this is really no forum for finding a job man. Delphi jobs are rare, I know. But probably you should look for other languages.
pizza111 posted 3 years ago
I know it is only your project. But I think maybe your company use Delphi. if it is real, maybe you still can help me. In fact, I master both Delphi and C++, but don't know how to find a job in internet.

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