Heidi can become slow when database contains many tables

CaptainJMac posted 3 years ago in General
Behind the scenes, HeidiSQL uses the command "SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM `databasename`;" to get all the information about tables in the database.

Under certain situations where the database contains many tables this can become extremely slow, and cause the app to temporarily stop responding. On our db, which contains 100s of tables and is hosted remotely on Amazon Web Services, this can sometimes take over a minute or two. This delay makes it very unproductive to use Heidi in these situations.

Would there be any way to have a user-selectable option to make Heidi use the command "SHOW TABLES FROM `databasename`;" instead? This would be much quicker as it would only return the names of the tables, which would be enough to let users browse the tables.

HeidiSQL could possibly then allow the user to refresh the tables individually to get the extra status information?

ansgar posted 3 years ago
Some users want it, and some not. You can switch off the "Get full table status" checkbox option in Heidi's session manager, in the "Advanced tab". This way, Heidi only issues a very fast query on information_schema.tables, but spits out less details of course.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
If you then want the full table status once, you can also use the drop down menu on the refresh button, and click "Full status refresh (Shift+F5)".

You will need the latest release as these are relative new features.
CaptainJMac posted 3 years ago
Ah great! I was hoping there was something there already. Thanks for setting me straight smile
arucard posted 3 years ago
Great feature, didn't know about it.

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