[Bug report] Crash in procedure editor => parameters => 'data type' column

ifgitman posted 3 years ago in General
It happens when editing the value of the 'data type' column and then pressing RETURN, no matter if it was changed or not.

date/time : 2014-06-03, 20:35:17, 664ms
computer name : SERVER
user name : Iván <admin>
registered owner : Iván
operating system : Windows 7 Service Pack 1 build 7601
system language : Spanish
system up time : 2 days 3 hours
program up time : 11 minutes 20 seconds
processors : 2x Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
physical memory : 1043/3063 MB (free/total)
free disk space : (C:) 2,72 GB
display mode : 1280x1024, 32 bit
process id : $1760
allocated memory : 65,94 MB
largest free block : 778,91 MB
executable : heidisql.exe
exec. date/time : 2014-06-03 20:23
version :
compiled with : Delphi XE5
madExcept version :
callstack crc : $41cc7730, $e6d8dc07, $e6d8dc07
exception number : 4
exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 005417C7 in module 'heidisql.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

main thread ($7d8):
005417c7 heidisql.exe System.Classes {System.Generics.Collections}TDictionary<System.Integer,System.Classes.IInterfaceList>.Hash
005420bd heidisql.exe System.Classes {System.Generics.Collections}TDictionary<System.Integer,System.Classes.IInterfaceList>.TryGetValue
0053c871 heidisql.exe System.Classes TObservers.IsObserving
005d1a3b heidisql.exe Vcl.StdCtrls TCustomComboBox.KeyDown
005b64c6 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.DoKeyDown
005d0b4d heidisql.exe Vcl.StdCtrls TCustomCombo.ComboWndProc
005d23d9 heidisql.exe Vcl.StdCtrls TCustomComboBox.ComboWndProc
005d08a3 heidisql.exe Vcl.StdCtrls TCustomCombo.EditWndProc
0053b600 heidisql.exe System.Classes StdWndProc
75c08e97 USER32.dll DispatchMessageW
0068510b heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage
0068514e heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.HandleMessage
00685489 heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.Run
7595ee1a kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk

ansgar posted 3 years ago
Welcome to issue #3461, one of the most complicated bugs in HeidiSQL :)
ansgar posted 2 years ago
Fixed in r4948

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