HostGator SSH MySQL

MRC posted 3 years ago in General
Hi, Hopping someone can help me here. I currently have shared hosting through hostgator and I beleive SSH Tunnel is not supported to connect to MySQL.

I am wanting to setup a vba process to transfer data to MySql (Host Gator) and want do to so securely. As Tunneling is not supported, I am wondering if I connect through SSH via plink (plink -ssh -P 2222 domain@name) and then connect to my sql db through VBA, is this secure or am I missing something.

Thanks in Advance
MRC posted 3 years ago
Anyone..... sorry for impatience, very frustrating
jfalch posted 3 years ago
if tunneling is not supported (ie ssh will not accept port forwardings), you will most probably not be able to change that by using vba. afaik, there is no inherent magic in vba that could access a remote mysql server when there is no port forwarding. or would that use a REST based approach over http ?

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