Window disappears after a second

jdudley1123 posted 3 years ago in General
I've been using HeidiSQL for a while, but suddenly it's started behaving weirdly.

When I run the exe it opens as normal and then the window disappears after about a second. Task Manager says the process is still running, but it's not listed under applications and I can't see it or interact with it at all.

I've tried reinstalls, and looked at Windows' logs, but I can't find any explanation. Weirdly the portable 32-bit version works fine.

System: Windows 7 64-bit(fully updated)
HeidiSQL version: 64-bit
ansgar posted 3 years ago
I am thinking you have the option "Automatically connect to previous sessions" activated, and the server is not responding any longer now. You can disable that option by hand:
* Exit all HeidiSQL instances
* Start regedit.exe
* Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HeidiSQL\
* Set value of "AutoReconnect" to 0, or just delete that value.
* Start HeidiSQL and watch out if it still invisible
jdudley1123 posted 3 years ago
AutoReconnect isn't anywhere in the HeidiSQL registry. I tried adding it and setting it to zero, and HeidiSQL started with an error and then vanished again.

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