HeidiSQL keeps locking up after inactivity

ptmclellan posted 5 years ago in General
Hello! New user here...

Have used HeidiSQL for probably 6-8 years. Use it religiously all day long to connect to our web server. We are on the same VPN tunnel as our hosting provider, where our MySQL server is hosted.

While HeidiSQL runs great, if I leave it inactive for too long, it completely locks up on me when I come back to it. Regardless of what screen I left it on, it will freeze up for about 10 seconds, throw a random error and then release itself.

If I am working continuously in Heidi, it never freezes/disconnects. But, if left idle for, say, 5-10 minutes, it crashes.

Any thoughts?
ptmclellan posted 5 years ago
FYI - the same issue happens with other MySQL front-end programs (MySQL-Front, for example), so I do not believe it is ISOLATED *to* Heidi, but perhaps there is a workaround/fix
ansgar posted 5 years ago
I guess you are waiting for the results of SHOW TABLE STATUS. Please go and disable the session setting "Get full table status" in the session manager's "Advanced tab". You will get less details in the "Database" tab, but at least we can see if that's the cause of your waiting.
ptmclellan posted 5 years ago
But this issue happens no matter which section is open in Heidi. I may have a query window open, and I go back to execute it after sitting idle. Even the execution of the query locks up the program.

I think the issue may be a persistency problem with our Comcast connection. Therefore, is there any way to create a "scheduled task" that runs a quick query statement every 5-10 mins?
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Heidi already sends a ping each 20 seconds.

Please try my suggested thingy.
ptmclellan posted 5 years ago
Sure thing - I'll give it a shot
ptmclellan posted 5 years ago
Just let it sit for a good 30 minutes. Went back and refreshed my query and it came up right away! Will continue to test it...
ptmclellan posted 5 years ago
gave it another 30 minutes and it didn't lockup. Fingers crossed, this is a solution. THANK YOU!
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Yeah, if that's it, it is just the server taking some time to collect file attributes of table files, index files, internal data etc. SHOW TABLE STATUS was complained about *many* times before by other users, until I finally added that session option to allow the user to use a very quick and lightweight alternative query.
ptmclellan posted 5 years ago
Well, my sanity thanks you! Much appreciated!
doniking posted 1 year ago

thx this solves me as well

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