Add on this pages something like Quick Tips

arucard posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion
Hi, I know, it's not primary related to SW HeidiSQL itself, but it's related with this web pages.

Recently, I read this post here on forum (about speeding up first connect to DB).

HeidiSQL is a great SW with full of features. And I have to confess, I still don't know a lot about it. :(

So, I had this thought - add new sub-page with something like "Quick Tips", where should be only simple posts like above mentioned:

First connection to DB is slow? Found this option and uncheck it...

What do you think? Am I too crazy? :)

ansgar posted 3 years ago
I think you're expressing that HeidiSQL has too many features, of which you only know few of them intuitively, right?

Yes, that can be the case for newbies. But that's why I have set up a forum. Please just ask here.

And, feel more free to try things out. Click around the GUI and read things. Set HeidiSQL to show everything in your native language, so you can better read it. (Tools > Preferences > Miscellaneous)

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