Crash when editing enum fields in (all?) builds after 8.3

Olaf789 posted 3 years ago in General
HeidiSQL has always my tried and true database tool. Since version 8.3 I have seen a very repeatable crash scenario:

I am running windows 7 x64.

I have tried this on a number of builds starting with the 8.3 release.

I have a table with ENUM type fields and other fields

I add a row in the data tab using INS key

I enter data in a normal field

I press the TAB key to go to the next field

If the next field is an ENUM field with a NULL default value (OK I know this is sloppy but happens more often than not) HeidiSQL crashes. This always happens.

There is a way around this by clicking on the field with the mouse and selecting the proper value. This indicated to me that the problem is probably somewhere in the windows interface

Could you please investigate this? Maybe this information helps with some of the other more spurious crashes people have observed

Olaf789 posted 3 years ago

Sniff, no response at all?

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