Share Connections between developers

mathiasgrimm posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion
I would like to see a way to easily share the connections I have among other developer.

It is possible to share the setting, but would be really nice to have more than one connection files as groups.

for exemaple:
portable_settings.txt keeps the same, as the main file but also having additional files like team1.db_settings.txt, team2.db_settings.txt, team3.db_settings.txt and so on.

The names does not matter in this, it is just an example.

But in this way we could share the connections with new developers in the company or even when someone join a team...

Here we have 3 different teams with specific database configurations however sometimes people join other teams.

The problem here is because we have more than 20 different connection and is impossible to manually create them.

Putty has a feature like that where you can share a .reg file

Mathias Grimm

mathiasgrimm posted 3 years ago
Additionally to this, we would need a feature to bulk update the username/password
jfalch posted 3 years ago
in heidisql´s session manager, use the "more" button (lower right), then "Export settings to file..."; for a new team member, use "Import settings from file...".
The settings file created is a text file; look for anything prefixed Server\ , these are the session data.

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