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diaz-rma posted 3 years ago in General
Good day.
I'm from Brazil
sorry if spelled wrong
my english sucks.
I wonder if something has already been implemented or will be implemented so that it can be changed the default 'collation' when creating a bank of collation have some problems when I import a bank by HeidiSql Portable.
Follows an attachment underneath the window I'm commenting.

ansgar posted 3 years ago
The "collation_server" is a server setting. You can see if you can find and change it in HeidiSQL's Host > Variables tab.
diaz-rma posted 3 years ago

Yes I found the guide.
but I can not change that needed to stay utf8 by default
but not against the program options
diaz-rma posted 3 years ago
did the procedure and it's all ok
Thank you very much
can close the topic.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
Who is Asgar? "Ansgar", please...

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