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renerlemes posted 5 years ago in General
When opening a file, the (default) Query tab disappears and show the name of the file that was opened. The suggestion is that the main flap always stay visible and opening new files show in new tab.
igitur posted 4 years ago
Have to support this. Isn't opening a file in a new tab kind of the norm for any application, instead of replacing the current tab?
ansgar posted 4 years ago
There was another discussion which said the opposite - being in a tab when loading a file should load it into the current tab. That's why it is that way now.
igitur posted 4 years ago
I was afraid that you're going to say that! Still doesn't feel right to me. Notepad++, SQL Server Management Studio, MySQL Workbench all open a script in a new tab. I can't think of a single app that replaces the current content. And conventions matter to me. But, OK, I hear you.
renerlemes posted 3 years ago

@igitur. I agree!

pipanni posted 2 weeks ago

Here's one more vote for the "normal" behaviour of opening a new file in a new tab instead of overwriting the current one WHICH ALREADY HAS CONTENT! It doesn't make any sense. I would have lost over 45 minutes of work because of this if the "Query history" wasn't there.

Dear ansgar, your program is very good and I use it a lot but this makes no sense at all. Run a poll to see what devs would prefer! :)

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