linux wine heidi 8.3.0 can't connect to mysql server

sadhu posted 3 years ago in General
SQL Error (2003) in statement #0: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)

I have been running HeidiSQL for some years, and have recently changed to the Linux environment, where I happily learned I could run Heidi under wine. I originally used the apache2, MySQL-server, and PHP5 from the Linux repositories, and ran HeidiSQL with these.

I am running (or have run) HeidiSQL in Ubuntu 13.04, 13.10, 14.04 and Mint 15 on my desktop machine, and the same on my notebook, an HP Pavillion 15, 4 GB RAM, Intel I5, and AMD Radeo M8600 graphics card.

On both machines I recently unloaded Apache2, MySQL Server, and PHP5 in favor of the XAMPP 1.8.3 32/64 bit package for linux. Works fine on desktop, but on the notebook I'm getting the error mentioned above.

On both machines PHP and MySQL work fine; phpmyadmin works fine. My web site uses CSS/PHP/MySQL, and the site works just fine. But on this notebook machine HeidiSWQL gives me the error above.

Network type: MySQL (TCP/IP) [but other settings dont work either]
Hostname/IP: localhost [but doesn't work either]

user/password: same as on web site
Port: 3306
Compressed: <NO>
Databases: Manually entered, because none are detected

Advanced tab: <nothing>

What do I need to do to get HeidiSQL running on this machine?

Thanks to all, and thanks for a great product!

sadhu posted 3 years ago
PS: I'm running HeidiSQL
zash posted 3 years ago
Can you please tell us what OS exactly you are running on your notebook? Can you also check if there is some firewall blocking connections (run this: "sudo iptables-save") or maybe a selinux (run this: "sudo sestatus")? Can you check if some other wine DB clients can access mysql server?
I am running F20 with HeidiSQL and don't have truble with connections.
sadhu posted 3 years ago
Linux Mint 17 LTS
Cinnamon 32-bit (couldn't get 64-bit to load at all. Suspect problem with built-in graphics card)
Cinnamon version 2.2.16

Intel Core I5-3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz x 2
Memory 3.8 GB
HDD 680.3 GB
Graphics card Intel Corp 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (This is a lie; Linux Mint can't see this hardware, or else this driver fails when booting/installing from CDROM. Actual hardware is AMD/ATI Radeon HD 8600M. Driver: manually installed

Again, I'm running XAMPP for Linux 1.8.3-4

My localhost web site works ok, as does phpmyadmin.

Heidisql just doesn't see the MySQL server; when I try to establish a new connection, then click the databases list, *nothing shows up.* Heidi can't see MySQL server.


sadhu posted 3 years ago
iptables-save gives null response
there is no selinux or sestatus installed on my machine
Firewall appears to be disabled. Or, if it were enabled, I don't see how phpmyadmin or my web site would work, as both access the MySQL database.

sadhu posted 3 years ago
if XAMPP is running, the following terminal command invokes MySQL:
I added a symlink from /usr/bin, so mysql works from any command prompt (provided the xampp service is running), but still Heidi can't even see the database.


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