SQL export bug

stevehomer posted 3 years ago in General
First off love HeidiSQL so far,

But small bug. Created a DB with about 10 tables and quite a few foreign keys. I exported it without data but when I tried to rebuild it it did not work. I hardly dare say this but it SEEMS myPHPadmin did an OK backup. Not sure if this was because the DB was empty or...

sorry no details but can send over if you email me or whatever... not at all sure I should be reporting bugs here.

All the b est
kalvaro posted 3 years ago
Come on, there's a huge range of possibilities between publishing your private data in an internet forum and "does not work".
stevehomer posted 3 years ago
I was suspecting it might be because it was completely data empty ... Ah well. If anyone wants me to try and replicate let me know. Trying to help.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
Please post error messages here and say what exactly "it did not work" mean.
stevehomer posted 3 years ago
OK cool I will try and replicate and post back here (I was asking if this was the place to post bugs before). And it might have been a known one :-)

Anyhoo will try and replicate in the next day or two.

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