Multiple Tabbed Table/Data Views

[expired user #8509]'s profile image [expired user #8509] posted 9 years ago in General Permalink
I would like to view 2 or more tables at the same time. However I can't find anything that opens a new tab for a particular Data view or Table view. Whenever I select a new table, it just replaces the current tabs. Makes it difficult to cross reference between different tables.
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 9 years ago Permalink
You can open up a new HeidiSQL window and open the other table in that window.

Or - if you just want two tabs to switch - write a simple SELECT query in a query tab and press F9.
jimtut's profile image jimtut posted 8 years ago Permalink
I'd like to 2nd this request. The "Data" tab is MUCH more robust (full-featured) than a simple Query tab. In fact, the use-of-use and features on the Data tab are what switched me to HeidiSQL! But, without being able to view/edit multiple tables at the same time (with all of the Data tab features), it's not quite as useful.
carlo.delacruz's profile image carlo.delacruz posted 4 years ago Permalink

I would also like to have that feature like open multiple data tabs for easy switching of view just like SQL Developer of Oracle and SQL Server Management Studio which is a very very basic feature.

im0mer's profile image im0mer posted 1 year ago Permalink

I'd like to 3rd this request

adunsmoor's profile image adunsmoor posted 11 months ago Permalink

4th. The UI really is bad compared to other database management programs.

MissYeh's profile image MissYeh posted 10 months ago Permalink

5th request for me. Working with multiple tabs works more efficient than having multiple clients open.

Leomey's profile image Leomey posted 5 months ago Permalink

6th. Registered just to say that this would be really useful. Or at least please make a right click shortcut to open the table in the new window.

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