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Multiple Tabbed Table/Data Views

MatrixAI's profile image MatrixAI posted 6 years ago in General Permalink
I would like to view 2 or more tables at the same time. However I can't find anything that opens a new tab for a particular Data view or Table view. Whenever I select a new table, it just replaces the current tabs. Makes it difficult to cross reference between different tables.
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 6 years ago Permalink
You can open up a new HeidiSQL window and open the other table in that window.

Or - if you just want two tabs to switch - write a simple SELECT query in a query tab and press F9.
jimtut's profile image jimtut posted 5 years ago Permalink
I'd like to 2nd this request. The "Data" tab is MUCH more robust (full-featured) than a simple Query tab. In fact, the use-of-use and features on the Data tab are what switched me to HeidiSQL! But, without being able to view/edit multiple tables at the same time (with all of the Data tab features), it's not quite as useful.
carlo.delacruz's profile image carlo.delacruz posted 1 month ago Permalink

I would also like to have that feature like open multiple data tabs for easy switching of view just like SQL Developer of Oracle and SQL Server Management Studio which is a very very basic feature.

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