Stored Procedures?

scar027 posted 11 years ago in General
Can HeidiSQL be used to work with stored procedures?
fof posted 10 years ago
I know this is prolly an anoying question that is why I did not start a new threadsmile

Are there any plans for introducing stored proceedures? I love this MySQL GUI and as we use proceedures in a lot of our development I would love to see this in HeidiSQL.

Anyway .. just some user encouragement :)
aljtdj posted 10 years ago
I will third that request.............. :shock:
Davidoff posted 10 years ago
I use mysql.proc table for add/delete or update stored procedures or functions. :wink:
Tapitas posted 10 years ago
So if I can
rosenfield posted 10 years ago
Running stored procedures should work in the newest version (at some point the Zeos library was preventing it, now worked around).

In order to be able to actually create stored procedures, the HeidiSQL code needs an update to handle a client-side statement separator different from ';'. An easy hack is to replace ';' with something else, like '^' in helpers.pas / parsesql() [line 331-454, see link below], or even make it customizable via an input field or dropdown above the query area.

But really, the code should be updated to also handle two-character separators, since '//' is what most people use, AFAIR. That's slightly more complicated since the parsesql() algorithm needs an update, and noone's had the time to do that yet.
jts posted 10 years ago
Has that been fixed? MySQL Browser (Yeach surprised) works fine when calling the procedures.
ansgar posted 10 years ago
Yup. See r674
ansgar posted 9 years ago
See the recently implemented routine editor in action: http://www.heidisql.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3094#3094

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