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postgresql DB selection crashes

halmai's profile image halmai posted 5 years ago in Creating a connection Permalink
I installed the newest version of HeidiSQL (r.4886, 32 bit installer). I wanted to add a new connection to a newly created postgresql database.

In the Session Manager I select the Network Type to be "PostgreSQL (experimental)", gave the username and password and wanted to select the Database from the dropdown list. It always crashes and the error message appears:

HeidiSQL 32 bit működése leállt

which means that the mentioned program has been stopped (sorry, I don't know how this error message is displayed in English Win7).

If I press the "Find Error" button (or something like this) then the Visual Studio Debugger says:
An unhandled win32 exception occurred in heidisql.exe [7296].

If I don't use the dropdown list just copy-paste the name of the database then it works fine.


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