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Feature Request: improve export usability

apric's profile image apric posted 5 years ago in Import/Export Permalink
It is very tedious to export many DB schemas at once:
In the export dialog one has to activate each checkbox, one by one.


Allow selecting many DB schemas at once which should be exported.

Further improvement:

In the regular DB schema objects tree view (not the export dialog) allow selecting multiple objects (DB schema or tables etc.) and in the context menu allow exporting the current selection -> export dialog opens with the selection applied.
apric's profile image apric posted 5 years ago Permalink
Never mind, you can do this in the "main" list view, my bad.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 years ago Permalink
I have no delete buttonsmileBut I guess this thread can be helpful for others who don't see it too.
apric's profile image apric posted 4 years ago Permalink

Somehow my previous solution no longer works.

I cannot bulk select multiple schemas for exporting anywhere. Neither in the main tree view, nor in the main "Databases" tab, list, nor in the "Table tools" export dialog.

Having to check 50+ schemas one by one is very tedious :(

Proposed solution: Extend the context menu in the "Databases" tab list view, where you already can select multiple schemas easily. Currently one can only "Fetch database items". Add the "Export table(s) as SQL" command and apply the selection in the popup export dialog

-> see attached screenshot

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