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Usability improvement: DB schema objects tree view: deleting schema objects

apric's profile image apric posted 5 years ago in General Permalink
When deleting e.g. a table in the DB schema tree view, the currently opened DB schema is being collapsed and one has to click to re-open the DB schema and scroll again to the position where the deletion took place.


keep the current DB schema opened instead of collapsing
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 years ago Permalink
I recall I tried to do exactly what you propose, and got a bunch of access violations due to invalid tree nodes. So I decided to collapse it to have less bugs.
apric's profile image apric posted 5 years ago Permalink
As a (Java) programmer myself, this should be solvable, if the tree is implemented correctly (thread safety etc.).

Pressing F5 to refresh the tree view is basically the same, isn't it? (although the scrolling jumps a bit)

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