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Bug: SQL Server FLOAT datatype generates wrong export SQL statements

matsg's profile image matsg posted 5 years ago in Import/Export Permalink

When I run a SELECT query against our SQL Server, I use a FLOAT datatype in a particular field because it is, as opposed to a DECIMAL field, truly a float value (it's an average calculation). But when I try to export the rows and insert them into another database, HeidiSql generates wrong statements:

INSERT INTO "Events" ("StatAvgExtensionLen") VALUES (9,99929898352611);

Note that I'm using an sv-SE locale, where decimal points are commas. DECIMAL fields export correctly (with a decimal point), though.

Verified in
scholz's profile image scholz posted 4 years ago Permalink


same problem in version

MSSQL (float) => MYSQL (float)

export generates wrong output: INSERT INTO ctg_unit (code, valueDE, valueEN, basis, factor, verbal, ordNr) VALUES (16, 'mg', 'mg', 'g', 0,001, 'MilliGram', 160);

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