tempomat posted 13 years ago in General
who the hell is Heidi???
ansgar posted 13 years ago
OK, I'll try to explain why HeidiSQL is called HeidiSQL... :)

In the previous months before development on HeidiSQL has been restarted, my colleges at work (especially Daniel, Waldemar and Fabian) told me 100 times a day, which bugs the previous version *** 2.5 has :roll: . Daniel, who always has some crazy ideas, started a list of possible project names in case development would sometime be restarted - and there was HeidiSQL. I think Daniel is a fan of Heidi Klum, the german top model woman. Then at home sometime, where my 2 years old twin-children were playing and listening to music I recognized the music was from the 30 years old animated TV-series Heidi (a little orphaned girl living in the bavarian alps with his grandpa). So the decision was done.

So, the idea for "HeidiSQL" came originally from Daniel and my children :lol: . BTW: Daniel is one of the main-developers of the great blogging-system b2evolution.

I asked Heidi Klum via contact-form on her website if we could use one special photo from Heidi in a splash-screen for HeidiSQL. But although I have sent 2 mails, I got no answer from her yet. :(

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