SSL connection error: ASN: bad other signatute confirmation

wendlcar posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection

first of all nice software, thx alot!

I am having trouble to create an ssl connetion.
Is this feature knnown to work or is it broken?

My Server is Debian Jessi MariaDB 10.0.20 and the Client is W7 64 bit and HeidiSQL 9.2, stable and nightly.

The sql commandline and the mysql workbench works with a ca certificate only, HeidiSQL does not.

jweeshgst posted 4 years ago
We are experiencing the same problem. To add some context, we have also tried some steps such as openssl verify. The certificate is an AES256 cert and passes verify. We have been able to use Heidi with SSL when using a client cert and key alongside a CA cert with no problem. We have also tested dbForge Studio and MySQL Workbench (yuck!) which connect fine.

How can we help to debug this problem or get to root cause? If you need anything to help, please let us know! Thank you!
smcpeck posted 3 years ago
This is a duplicate of

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