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Windows 10 and virtual desktops

webdbase's profile image webdbase posted 4 years ago in General Permalink
When I change between virtual desktops, I noticed that a window remains on all desktops. Details are shown in the attached images.
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microUgly's profile image microUgly posted 4 years ago Permalink
I am seeing this as well, and is driving me crazy :)

It does not do it always.

Before Windows 10, I would get this sometimes with VirtuaWin, but not nearly so often and flicking back and forth between desktops, or changing which Window had focus before switching was a work around. This does not seem to work with Windows 10's virtual desktops.

I can't get it do this right now, but I think if you don't use the hotkey to switch desktops, it does not trigger the issue.

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