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iampeter posted 3 years ago in General
When I choose to apply a filter or ordering on data tab for a table, every time I open the data tab, the previous filters and ordering are applied automatically. If I make a typo on the filters, or apply a filter or ordering that requires too query time, the application freezes. So if I restart the application and open the data tab to fix the filters, application freezes again before I get a chance to do so because previous filters and ordering are applied automatically.

There is a way to remove the filters through settings in the previous versions, but I couldn't find a way to do it on my version, anyone knows how can I do that?

My version is:
ansgar posted 3 years ago
Rightclick the table in the left tree, then click "Clear data tab filter".
iampeter posted 3 years ago
That's it, thanks.
wer posted 3 years ago
I have similar problem with sorting (saved sorting on unindexed collumns makes the table effectivelly inaccessible). Is it possible to remove saved sorting in data tabs? A similar right-click option would be nice, but a preventive option to remove all saved sortings/filters at once would be even better.
-PSi- posted 12 months ago

Will clearing of the tick box "Remeber filters, sorting..." at Preferences also clear all the filter history? I wish to be able to see and re-apply the filters I've used before, but not have any filters automatically applied?

ansgar posted 12 months ago

Yes, it will clear the history at the end of each session! That's what "remember" means here.

You can clear an existing filter before clicking the data tab, by right click on the tree, then click "Clear data tab filter".

-PSi- posted 12 months ago

Yes, once for every database, but will I remember to do it every tike I open HeidiSQL? Nope :(

Have you by chance any plans of allowing us to tick a new box at Preferences to automatically clear the tab filters at session end (or session start)?

I hope you have :)

ansgar posted 12 months ago

You mean "clear the tab filters" in a way that the history is cleared? That's what the current checkbox "Remember filters, sorting..." is for (if you uncheck it). Probably you mean just the currently active filter, while keeping the history?

-PSi- posted 12 months ago

yes! I'm sorry that I was not clear in my response. I've used data filters to search for data from tables, and occasionally those filters are causing slow response. If I forget to press [Clear] before leaving HeidSQL, the filter will be active when I go to see the table data next time (wait, wait, wait...).

I'd wish I could select from the Preferences to have all these filters cleared but still have the filters in the drop-down menu if I deliberately wish to apply them again!

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ansgar posted 12 months ago

So you don't want to clear them, you just want no filter to be active. You should file an issue request on Github.

solemamark posted 12 months ago


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ansgar posted 12 months ago

Hm, well. Does that have anything to do with this thread here?

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