Exporting: something strange with text data

Misha v.3 posted 11 years ago in Import/Export
when I exported DB I saw some strange things in dump: some data exported 'as is' (I can see chars) but other looks like:
CHAR( 60, 112, 62, 195, 224, 231, 229, 242, 224, ...)

after some experiment I found that it happened when data contain unix type endline char (0x0A).

I checked it in RC4 and RC5 - no changes.

I tried all available compatibility settins in both releases - no changes with exporting mediumtext fields.

also in this situation the data can't be edited in BLOB Editor.

in Front 2.5 all works fine.

1. create table test (t text);
2. insert into test (t) values (CHAR(62, 10, 60));
3. insert into test (t) values (CHAR(62, 13, 10, 60));

now try edit or export it.

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