Storing XML file into mySQL

grouchy posted 10 years ago in General
Hello Every1 hope you are all well out there. I have a bit of a question as i am a complete novice at php mysql.

I am trying to create a web site which will have a mysql database that will store an empty xml file for a user.

Question 1: How do i store an XML file into mySQL database? do i have to create a table etc... (probably the dumbest question on this forum i know!!)

In addition:

I have a flash program which i am hoping (via php) will load the users xml file (from the mySQL database).

Question 2: Does anyone know how i can do this? (I can import an xml file - but independently not from an mySQL database.

Then i can attach Comments to the xml. I neeed then to store the ammended xml back in the database (via php).

Question 3: Again does anyone have any help on how to do this?

I Then will need to enable the admin user of the web site to access the users xml files and get them displayed with XSLT associated with the xml. The xslt is a formatting style sheet that tells the browser how to output (display) the xml.

Does anyone know how i can do this as i am completely bemused. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time and efforts.
netinho posted 10 years ago
Response 1: To store XML file or something like, you need to create a field with TEXT type.

Response 2: On PHP, you retrieve the data and print the field value, dont forget to write header("Content-type:text/xml");, the file will show the xml data... and the flash will understand that is a xml file...

Response 3: The thing that you want to do is so easy, but here isn't the right place for your question. Google it, it's really simple to solve....

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