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BubikolRamios posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion

can you please do that drop down wider, wide as max table name lenght or at least make tooltip with complete table name that would appear on mouse move ower table name text - that seems likely easily doable.

Situation same on multiple places I presume.


BTW: Cancel not handled. Click cancel on insert link/image stil inserts something into this forum.

H4NNE5 posted 1 year ago

Hello Community,

I need the same functionality. Is there an option where to set the expansion to a maximum value? Also is there a way to expand the drop down via a hotkey?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

You can widen the column, which then widens the combobox as well.

H4NNE5 posted 1 year ago

Hi Ansgar, You understood it wrong, the problem is that the box doesn't expand enough DOWNWARDS. It should show all available members to a certain amount before the scroll bar has to be displayed. Is that possible?

What about the hotkey?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

No, I'm very sure BubikolRamios meant the width, not the height.

Well, I can increase the height so it shows let's say twice as many items as now.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Oh I just see I already did that. The screenshot from above is old. The dropdown menu now shows a maximum of 16 instead of 8 items.

H4NNE5 posted 1 year ago

Oh true, I overread the "wider" in his post, sorry.

But recently I updated to but the dropdown still shows 8 members. Do I have to activate that somewhere?

Also (still): What about the hotkey?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Please update to the latest build to see cutting edge features, not only to the latest release.

That box behaves like most other combo boxes, and I just learned that one can press Alt-Arrowdown while it has focus.

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