when creating a view - data tab not displayed

mheidiman posted 2 years ago in Feature discussion

when inserting a view via the gui and then saving the view, and that save was a sucess, would it be possible to add the tab "Daten" next to the "View" tab, so that I could easily look at the result from that view. This functionality exists, when I select a view from the left tree view, just not when I create a view.

Currently, when I add a view, I Need to Switch to a different view and then to the view created to be able to select the Data/Daten tab.


Xenos posted 1 year ago

Indeed, this would be useful.

Also, speaking of tab for VIEWs, having the "Create code" and maybe the "Alter code", as for tables, would be great too (even if, for now, I can copy/paste the console log output, which nicely has the pretty formatting)

Xenos posted 1 year ago

My bad, showing the "Create view" tab would be way better than using the console below, because the view will lost formatting as time passes by.

ie: • I make a new view, formatting my SELECT. The consolog log will be formatted • Later on, I edit the view, then the ALTER won't be formatted, because HeidiSQL will retrieve MySQL's "SHOW CREATE VIEW" result, which is not formatted

Maybe formatting the content of "HeidiSQL's view content" (see screen) would be good.

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