transfering connections from 2.5 -> Heidi

siMKin posted 11 years ago in Creating a connection
Until today i've been using mysqlfront 2.5
Since it is so similar to HeidiSQL i was hoping that there is a possibility of transporting the connections i have in 2.5 to Heidi. I have about 30 different connections in 2.5 and since all the passwords are in emails that i'm not even sure i can find anymore it would save me a lot of trouble if this was possible
ansgar posted 11 years ago
1. start regedit
2. browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MySQL-Front
3. export this key to a .reg-file
4. open the .reg-file with a text editor
5. replace the keyname "MySQL-Front" with "HeidiSQL", save file
6. doubleclick the file and import it
7. start heidisql and see that all sessions are available via the dropdown in the connection dialog :)
siMKin posted 11 years ago
sweet, that did the trick! works perfectly :P
thanks a bunch!
wildcard posted 11 years ago
How do i transfer from MySQL Front 3.2 to HeidiSQL?
ansgar posted 11 years ago
Since MySQL-Front 3.x was a complete different application there will be no easy way to convert its sessions into the HeidiSQL specific format. Especially the password encryption is surely different in both applications.

You will have to look into your registry or into a configuration file of MySQL-Front 3.2 to figure that out.

Maybe you could post a solution here if you have one so others will benefit from your work?

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