Command line flag Windows Authentication?

lskiuk posted 2 years ago in General

Sorry if I missed it or Im being stupid, but I have checked the documentation, the forum, stackoverflow and searched online but can not find a command line interface flag for windows authentication for when connecting to MSSQL databases (like in the GUI). Is it simply not documented? or does it not exist?

This is would be useful as I am writing a simple batch file to enable easy loading HeidiSQL using a localdb instance, atm it can be a painful experience to use HeidiSQL for that. So this would be beneficial to any .Net dev as localdb is often a strong part of their development life cycle. Easy load up could sway people people wanting to use it :)

PS Love HeidiSQL I used it for years on some small MySQL stuff in the past :)

ansgar posted 2 years ago

Well, this is currently not supported by HeidiSQL, as you can see in the documentation. This is mostly due to the fact that HeidiSQL was a pure MySQL client most of the time.

But I can add supported parameters there if that makes sense.

lskiuk posted 2 years ago

Thank you, although obviously a low priority thing it would be helpful if you get chance :)

I did try looking through the source to see if it was an easy hook, but havent done Delphi before so couldnt find the entry point sorry.

exalted posted 2 years ago

My thumbs-up for this, since it is already available through the UI, and apparently only the CLI switch isn't there.

ansgar posted 2 years ago

r5108 now supports a new command line parameter in these flavours:


I'll update the help section with that. Be sure to update HeidiSQL before wondering if that does not work.

exalted posted 2 years ago

Nice... I will try this ASAP and get back to you. Kudos!

exalted posted 2 years ago

Works beautifully!

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