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rsvancara posted 3 years ago in General

Problem found when connect to Microsoft SQL -> open database -> open table -> use "Data" sheet view.

When database contains more than 10 columns, column names mismatch to its data.

See attachment, where shown difference between incorrect "Data" view and "select * SQL query" :-)

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ansgar posted 3 years ago

Which HeidiSQL version are you running?

rsvancara posted 3 years ago

Which HeidiSQL version are you running?

Actual stable version {9.3}

ansgar posted 3 years ago

Could you please update to the latest nightly build to see if that was already fixed? (Just click on Help > Check for updates, then on "Download and install build xyz")

rsvancara posted 3 years ago

Hi, now I'm on heidisql32.r5051

"Data" sheet display "no data" (there are SQL errors in log) - see. "Data.gif"

"Query" sheet show data correctly - see. "Query.gif"

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sonicsmooth posted 3 months ago

Hi, I'm also running into this issue. I can replicate it as follows:

HeidiSQL version 9.5.5453 (64 Bit) on Windows 10

Server running on the same machine is:


Sample SQL commands (attached):

USE colswap;
CREATE TABLE components (Number VARCHAR(50) PRIMARY KEY, Category TINYTEXT);
INSERT INTO components(Number, Category) VALUES ('120-00001', 'Capacitor');
CREATE VIEW colview AS SELECT Number, Category FROM components;

The data looks like this: image description

The view has the columns swapped: image description

The problem goes away when I use a different version of MySQL (5.7.xx) on a Linux machine, or if I use another UI client such as SQLyog or MySQL Workbench.

So is this a bug?

thank you Michael

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