Remember last character set used in "Load SQL File"

phinor posted 2 years ago in Feature discussion

I very often need to restore sql dumps using the "Load SQL File" feature. In each case, the files are UTF8 encoded, but they always fail the Automatic detection (the first tables are largely numeric data) and the multibyte UTF characters are then imported as combinations of extended ASCII characters.

I would like to suggest that the "Load SQL File" dialog have the "encoding" option default to the last used option.


ansgar posted 2 years ago

Sounds good!

ansgar posted 2 years ago

r5056 now remembers the previously selected encoding in the following file-open-dialogs:

  • loading an .sql file into a query tab
  • loading a .csv file into the text-import dialog
  • loading a textfile into the popup text editor in a grid text cell

I gave these three dialogs separate settings, as I think the purpose in these 3 situations are also different. That means, if you selected utf8 when loading an .sql file, the textfile import still has auto-detect preselected.

phinor posted 2 years ago

Thank you! I have downloaded the 5056 release and can confirm that the Load SQL dialog is remembering the setting!

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