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bsfrye posted 2 years ago in General

I know this seems silly - but it would be awesome if, by option, 24-hour UTC time was displayed somewhere in the UI - maybe the dialog title bar, maybe the info bar at the very bottom of the dialog... All our servers are in UTC 24 hour time so we have to mentally shift it when looking at timestamps. What makes matters harder is that we are in Arizona, USA and we don't honor daylight savings, so our UTC offset shifts a couple times a year... Anywho - love Heidi! Thanks, Brandon

ansgar posted 2 years ago

Glad that I found an unused status bar panel - the second last one. r5060 now displays UTC date/time there in your local format. Please update and see if that date is not cut due to the local date format on your side. The german format fits with some space on the right side.

thadin posted 2 years ago

I just noticed the new panel with the time after updating. I have no use for it but I don't mind it being there for other users who might.

I am a bit confused about bsfrye's remark about daylight savings; UTC doesn't use DST, so how can the offset shift when Arizona doesn't use it either?

It might be more useful to use the time zone of the currently connected server (in case it differs)?

bsfrye posted 2 years ago

I misspoke - kindly disregard my comment about Arizona/UTC/DST issues... That being said, I do Agree with Thadin. Probably more useful to more people to have server time and server time format displayed in the bar. Eitherway it amounts to the same thing for me - so if helpful to more people that may be the way to go. Thanks again @ansgar!!

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