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Cell editor and copy from context menu not using full cell contents

Mogzol's profile image Mogzol posted 4 years ago in General Permalink

I don't know if this is just me being dumb or an actual issue, but it's extremely annoying. I have some longtext cells that have, well, some long text in them. If I hover over the cell, the tooltip will properly show the full contents. Similarly, if I just make that column wider it will also properly show the full contents. And if I right click and save BLOB to file, it will, again, use the full cell contents.

HOWEVER, If I try to edit the cell, or if I try to copy the value to my clipboard, it will only give me the first 63 characters of the cell. This is incredibly annoying, since I usually just use the cell editor to quickly view the contents of the cell, but because of this issue, if I want to view the full contents (and not have it fade away after a couple secs like the tooltip), I have to first export the cell to a text file, then go and open that file, just to see what's in the cell.

So yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mogzol's profile image Mogzol posted 2 weeks ago Permalink

For the record, I eventually figured out this was because the cells had null bytes in them (0x00). It seems HeidiSQL's editor truncates the text at the first null byte.

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