Portable Version 64bit?

mailsql2 posted 3 years ago in General


so far I see a portable version in 32 bit only. Do you have plans to come up wit a 64bit portable version as well?

Thanks in advance.

ansgar posted 3 years ago

32bit runs on both 32bit + 64bit systems, while the 64bit version only runs in 64bit systems. That was the reason do decide for 32bit. I am currently deploying

  • releases:
  • a 32/64bit mixed installer
  • source code zip
  • 32bit portable
  • nightly build for each commit:
  • 32bit main executable
  • 64 bit main executable
  • 32/64bit mixed installer
  • 32bit only installer

Web traffic does not really matter today, but the effort to create these things is quite high. So I'm hesitating to add even more than these.

mailsql2 posted 3 years ago


I see where you are comming from, just like to have also a native 64bit version than a running 32bit version in my 64bit environment. However, I understand the reasons and will go on with the 32bit version. Thanks.

phileas12 posted 3 years ago

My team and I would also use a 64bit portable version, if you were to make it.

Thank you for all your work on the other versions.

phileas12 posted 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply; I guess the conclusion everyone reached is that 64bit programming doesn't fit into the idea of compact programming? Or that it doesn't fit easily, yet, and there are more important things to do right now?

hazardland posted 11 months ago

Hi ansgar,

The only way to run heidisql on centos is to run 64 bit version with wine.

  • 32+64 bit setup fails because it is 32 bit executable.
  • Portable fails because it is 32 bit

So the only way to run HeidiSQL is to download portable zip and replace main executable with 64 bit version and also download 64 bit version of libmysql.dll, for the moment other 32 bit dll-s do not fail execution.

But it would be great if you had 64 bit portable anyways.

ansgar posted 11 months ago

You mean for the releases but also for the nightly builds?

hazardland posted 11 months ago

Maybe at least 64 bit release ?

ansgar posted 11 months ago

Here we go: I have just reorganized the links on the download page. And created a 64bit portable zip plus a link to it.

hazardland posted 11 months ago

Thanks, works like a charm

littlejohn posted 11 months ago

Awesome! Thanks a big bunch :)

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