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[bug]Hidding dump-window on Ubuntu

goffyara's profile image goffyara posted 4 years ago in General Permalink

If collapse dump-window on Ubuntu 16.04 mate wine-1.6.2, dump-window hidden everywhere and main window not active.

TTSneko's profile image TTSneko posted 4 years ago Permalink

I doubt that Anse has time to check all far-out errors resulting from the use of Wine/Linux, especially in this case. Ubuntu 16.04 and its MATE derivative have just been out a week and there are still tons of known bugs that require fixes (including Ubuntu <-> Wine) before one could start accusing other programs of failure to comply, especially when you are talking about non-native programs like HeidiSQL.

For what we know, it could be that Ubuntu, Wine, or the MATE desktop was screwed up again. Which would not be the first time, as you most probably know :)

goffyara's profile image goffyara posted 4 years ago Permalink

I know. There are things more important than small visual bug. HeidiSql has no real alternatives on Linux. And I hope it will work as well as in windows. This topic just note, not a requirement.

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