Horizontal scroll bug

pgros posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion

This bug can be linked to this feature request : http://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=20185

I have a mouse with a horizontal scroll wheel but it can not be used. There is a strange behavior, it seems the horizontal scroll is recognized but not used.

cf screenshot attached : move-mouse.png : when the scroll-bar is moved with a mouse-clic

move-scroll.png : the strange scroll-bar that appear when I use the horizontal scroll wheel, but the display window does not move

move-strange.png : another strange behavior, when both scroll-bars are displayed (to reproduce this : use the horizontal scroll wheel and use the mouse pointer to come close to the scroll-bar)

Another horizontal-scroll-wheel bug : when I use this wheel, the normal vertical-scroll-wheel continue to work, but the vertical-scroll-bar does not move anymore untill I click it.

3 attachment(s):
  • move-mouse
  • move-scroll
  • move-strange
Arffeh posted 5 months ago

Necroing thread, purely because this also bothers me on an hourly basis for the last 2 years on 3 different computers :)

Would this ever be up for consideration for fixing?

ansgar posted 5 months ago

There's a quite good chance this was fixed some days ago, while I update the VirtualTree sources in HeidiSQL. Please test with the current nightly build.

Arffeh posted 5 months ago

Revision 5397 (current nightly as of post)

Session manager (left pane): cannot scroll (scrollbar ghost-scrolls)

Database view, table list: cannot scroll (scrollbar ghost-scrolls)

Query panel (top): Full scroll support

Result panel: cannot scroll (scrollbar ghost-scrolls)

Table selected, Data Tab: cannot scroll (scrollbar ghost-scrolls)

When I say (ghost-scroll), refer to move-scroll.png in OP.

ansgar posted 5 months ago

Ok, then this was not fixed, unfortunately. I have no clue what's wrong there, as I'm normally not in the code of VirtualTree. We could file a bug report to their tracker, probably.

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