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antddavidl posted 3 years ago in General

Certainly this is not a new topic: there is another post related to this three years ago but it has not any answer. And as details are slightly different, I have preferred to open a new topic.

I'm trying to access to a MariaDB 10.1.13-1 server using an account authenticated via the pam module. For this scenario, it seems the DB is using the dialog plugin which is included in the installer.

However, if I enable the pam-use-cleartext-plugin flag, the Heidi cannot connect to the server and show the following error:

Authentication plugin 'mysql_clear_password' cannot be loaded: plugin not enabled

I have had a look around and I found that it should work putting the mysql_clear_password.dll DLL (taken from the x64 installer of MariaDB) in the plug-in folder of HeidiSQL installation, but nothing changed.

Has anyone be able to use the mysql_clear_password plug-in with HeidiSQL?

Thanks in advance!

antddavidl posted 3 years ago

OK, I found (by change) where I was wrong!

I didn't updated the libmysql.dll library with the proper version.

Now it works!

ansgar posted 3 years ago

Thanks for the update! Didn't know that libmysql needs to be updated just because there is a new Plugin.

adisid024 posted 10 months ago

Hi antddavidl,

I am also getting the same error, can you please guide how to resolve this issue..

antddavidl posted 10 months ago

Well, it was a long time ago ... and now even I'm not working in the same company.

What I remember is that I had to update teh MySQL driver and plug-in dlls in the Heidi folder and tehn it started to work. I have different sets of DLLs for MariaDb than for MySQL, I think (although once they work, they work for both).

ansgar posted 10 months ago

See this issue request in the bugtracker:

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