HeidiSQL crashes when trying to reconnect to an unreachable PostgreSQL server

denis posted 3 years ago in General


HeidiSQL crashes when trying to reconnect to an unreachable PostgreSQL server.

To reproduce: create a SSH tunnel to a remote server and forward postgreSQL port. Connect to the localhost port with Heidi. Then wait for the SSH session timeout or kill the connection from the server (doesn't seem to crash when manually close the SSH connection), and try to access the database / disconnect the database, Heidi should crash.

denis posted 2 years ago

Any news about this issue? It's very annoying, HeidiSQL keeps crashing when connection is lost.

TJO posted 2 years ago

The same thing happens with MySQL connections, too.

I love the speed and simplicity of HeidiSQL. I use it every day!

However, spontaneous crashes on lost connections are THE most annoying fact about HeidiSQL! During my work day I frequently need to switch from a cable to a wifi connection. Also quite freqently I work "on the road" via VPN through an LTE connection. Naturally these connections are not 100% stable. The crashing phenomenon is that serious that I made it me habit to save all of my queries before executing them - EVERY TIME.

PLEASE make lost connection resistance your TOP priority!

kthanid posted 2 years ago

I have the exact same issue with MySQL connections. If it's any help in troubleshooting, HeidiSQL does not seem to crash the first time this happens (I get an application error but am able to continue using the application), but almost assuredly crashes the 2nd time I lose connectivity to a connected database (at which point I cannot continue the application to retrieve my unsaved work, etc.), and often occurs even if connectivity is restored and I try to run my next query.

I think I can probably reproduce the effect if that would help (it happens often enough anyway). Just let me know what kind of information would be useful. Included here are attachments of the first crash (when I can continue) as bugreport_20161207085050.txt (see screenshot bugreport_20161207085050_screenshot.jpg as well). The 2nd time it occurs, I cannot produce a bug report, the application just crashes and Windows prompts me with a message to close it (see screenshot bugreport_20161207085554_screenshot.jpg, which obviously isn't particularly useful).

PLEASE make lost connection resistance your TOP priority!

I'd echo this sentiment as well, I've lost important work to this bug at various times, and have even been forced to trying to extract unsaved work from process memory before allowing Windows to terminate the process in past instances. I do try to save very frequently now, even for work-in-progress querying to a scratchpad file just in case, but inevitably when I forget to do so is when this rears its head and bites me the hardest.


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kthanid posted 2 years ago

Also worth noting if it helps in troubleshooting: I experience this most commonly when I setup an SSH tunnel via PuTTY to reach a remote SQL server through an intermediate connection. It's when my PuTTY session disconnects (effectively severing communication with the database) that this issue occurs. Like I said, I can reproduce this pretty readily by just terminating my PuTTY session that has the tunnel open. Presumably you could simulate it by disconnecting your network connection as well.

mwilkens posted 2 years ago

HeidiSQL is a great program. It would be great, if you fix the bug.

lieszkol posted 1 year ago

I agree. HeidiSQL is very intuitive to use and after trying others I still keep coming back to it, but this bug is incredibly frustrating. It would be nice to see any comments from Mr. Becker on this issue...is it being addressed, or should we give up all hope? I looked through the bug reports but couldn't find one to this effect, will look again later.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

If there is a crash with the latest nightly build, then please report it to the bugtracker.

doniking posted 1 year ago

This is also happening on my wine. heidisql hangs after idling some minutes

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